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Customer Testimonials

Here is some feedback that we have received from customers.

Finally, a leather cleaner/conditioner that really works. I used Hide Bracer on the seats in my 2005 Porsche Boxster. One quick application and I had soft, supple leather with a dry, smooth hand. No shiny, greasy surface. Looks and feels like brand new leather. I’ve been looking for a product like this for over 25 years. My search is over. Five stars aren’t enough. Hide Bracer is remarkable.

- Greg B

This is the best leather conditioner I have ever used. I always order at least 2 or more bottles since it hard to find. If you have any leather furniture, you should invest in a bottle, you won’t be sorry.

- Kelly

Arrived super fast! In good condition. Ordered on a Saturday, arrived Monday. This is a product I’ve used for a long time from way back when it was sold with Ekornes Stressless, furniture. I’ve never gotten it from this seller but will go here first next time I need some. I ordered 4 bottles so I could get free shipping, so I’ll have some for a while. I use it all the time on our leather furniture.

- A very happy Amazon Customer

5 STARS I ordered 2 bottles and the shipping cost for the 2 bottles was more costly than anticipated (my fault for not checking this out prior to concluding the order.) When I attempted to cancel the order, Belltone Products’ President(!) contacted me and adjusted the order in a way that more than made up for my cost concern.

- Theo K. San Jose

I highly recommend the best leather cleaner made today called Hide Bracer by Belltone Products. It can be found at most Danish or Scandinavian furniture stores and many “Ekornes Stressless” stores. Use Hide-Bracer on an continuing basis every 2 to 3 months or so on your furniture. The biggest mistake people make with leather is they do not condition it and keep it clean and it develops cracks and splits, etc. REMEMBER you are replacing the oils that are lost once a cow becomes a couch! If you don’t get down into the crevices, it will also crack. NEVER EVER NEVER use an over the counter generic leather cleaner as most of them contain chemicals that will damage your furniture. I have been in the furniture industry for more than two decades and believe that Hide-Bracer Conditioner/Cleaner will extend the life of leather for many, many years!

- Joe

Can’t live without this product. We agree with all of the reviews. This stuff is amazing. Used on two Arhaus Furniture leather chairs that were very dried out. The both look new now. Worth every penny spent on this stuff. We found it goes further than others have stated.

- Connie C

A wonderful product. I received this product when I first purchased my Ekornes Sressless lounge chairs. I thought this can’t be this easy but it was and when I ran out of the Ekornes LEATHER CLEANER CONITIONER the dealer in my area did not carry it any longer. I found it on Amazon and read others reviews regarding Ekornes’s leather cleaner conditioner Hide Bracer brand and decided if you have a good thing why change. It hasn’t disappointed me in it’s ease and results plus I have recommended it to other friends.

- Shirley S

Hide Bracer saved my sofa! I just bought a new Stressless recliner and for that kind of money, I need to take care it’s gorgeous leather (Royalin). I’m not sure why Ekornes stopped using Hide Bracer, but I think they are crazy. I bought a bottle and frankly the new chair didn’t need it yet, but my 4 year old leather sofa did. The leather has been looking dusty and dull in the seating area. I tried several things to make it better but nothing seemed to help. I probably used a half bottle on just the sitting surfaces, but it looks better then new right now. The dusty look has gone away and there is a soft shine in its place that matches the hidden, protected areas of leather. I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m glad I bought this and I’ll be buying more when it runs out.

- Karen G

I am writing to share how much I love Hide-Bracer leather cleaner and conditioner. My husband and I not only love the way it cleans and conditions our leather, but it has such a nice scent! I also love the size. I am not having to constantly run out to buy more! The 8 oz bottle can lasts awhile in our home. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

- Wendy B

I sent an email to Belltone Product (Hide Bracer) regarding the use on our new leather sofa that looked “natural” or lightly distressed. They answered our email immediately with a recommendation. I would like to share our results. I can only say, “Outstanding!”. My husband applied the Hide Bracer as recommended, after testing an area for water absorbency and color. He applied the lotion with a white cloth and the leather just “drank it in” and left very little for polishing or burnishing. The leather was apparently quite dry and had a slight “dusty” look to it. Now, the leather looks rich and supple. It feels supple, too!. The cocoa brown color of the leather looks rich and has a sheen to it now. We are very pleased with the Hide Bracer and will be ordering more soon. Thank you for your recommendations and a fine product!

- Denise F

Good product, used on old leather Pool-Table pockets, made them look like new.

- Amazon Customer

I am so happy with this product. This is the finest leather cleaner and conditioner I have ever used. I bought it at our local leather furniture store and thought it was just another cleaner. I was wrong, it is amazing. Our furniture is very expensive and have used this product for over five years. Our leather looks better than the day we purchased it.

- MV

I always thought that you had to clean first, then condition leather. But my sister gave me a sample of Hide-Bracer to try. This one step product was so easy to use and made my leather feel so soft. I now use it for all by leather items including my light colored leather sofa and my beautiful boots.

- JC

Ekornes all the way. Bought one in 1973. Used it until 2010. Bought another new one in 2011. LOVE IT!

- Dave B

I have used Hide-Bracer on my 2005 BMW leather seats since I purchased the car. My leather has no cracks and feels very soft, I love this product. The cleaner is very concentrated and liberal use of the cleaner & conditioner keeps the leather from getting dirty.

- Ralph H

Extremely FAST shipping. This product is GREAT!!! Extremely pleased with transaction. Thanks Again.

- Amazon Customer

All items came within one week, excellent product for all fine leather chairs and sofas. I have used for about ten years now.

- Amazon Customer

Let me tell you this is a great product. I just wiped it on with a soft cloth and it made my leather look great. I am a clean freak, this product really cleaned and conditioned at the same time.  I am very happy with the results and will never use any other product for my leather but Hide-Bracer!

- Michael L

I have used this for years and it works well on my Harley leather. I also use it on my leather boots as it keeps them look great.

- Sally R

My bottle of Hide-Bracer was getting low so I called the number on the bottle to see about getting more. My bottle was from EKORNES since we have two Stressless chairs and that is how we starting using Hide-Bracer. I was very disappointed to hear that EKORNES will no longer carry Hide-Bracer, they are going to a Leather Cleaning Kit! Well I have tried those Leather Cleaning Kits and have never been happy with them. They leave a white residue and dull sheen that thankfully was cleaned off by Hide-Bracer! My children have leather furniture in their homes and when my daughter’s furniture looked bad after using the Leather Cleaning Kit she bought along with her leather furniture I gave her the Hide-Bracer to use and now it looks better than ever. We have several leather couches and chairs in our home and I will continue to use only Hide-Bracer on them. I called the store we purchased our Ekornes Stressless chairs to let them know that the replacement Leather Cleaning Kit is what Ekornes is going to and if they want to keep their customers happy they can continue with the original Hide-Bracer by going to the website.

Thanks for making such a fantastic product!

- Donna C

Dear Belltone Products, The black leather on my Lexus LS was getting very dry looking . I keep the A/C on continuously down here in So. California. I didn’t want to use the two-step clean with soap & then conditioner again. The soap turned my black leather into a darkish grey/black and the whole process just took too long to do. So I picked up a bottle of Hide Bracer from Plummer’s Furniture . I first tried the product with a micro fiber towel on a vertical door panel and liked what I was seeing and feeling. Next was my steering wheel. I had never tried to clean or condition this component since buying the car. Wow… so much dirt and grime came off. I kept applying the product until nothing was showing up on the micro fiber towel. I’m very impressed. It looks great and now has a rich dark black color that looks & feels new again. I can’t wait to do the rest of the door panels, arm rests, seats, headrests, and gear shift. In addition I will want to use this product on my leather chairs and jackets. You now have a lifetime customer and I will be telling my relatives and friends about this great product.

- A Happy New Customer

 Product arrived as expected. Exceptional quality leather maintenance product for both routine cleaning and conditioning (every 2 months). I will definitely reorder. My only complaint is that I wish that there was a larger package size available.

- Amazon Customer

This seller always provides excellent service. This is an exceptional leather care product. This seller is committed to a high quality of service. I have recommended often.

- J. B. Wells

Hide-Bracer Leather Conditioner and Cleaner is a great product! I use it on my leather jacket to keep it looking new. We have a Leather furniture store in town, and they sold me my first bottle for my leather chair. They recommended rubbing it in with my fingers instead of having it absorbed into a wiping cloth. I tried it on my leather jacket and it keeps it looking brand new! This stuff will work wonders on leather belts and shoes.

- Marchelle H

I purchased a very expensive butter soft blue colored leather sectional for our living room. Over the 4th of July weekend our grandson spilled greasy potato salad on one of the cushions. I immediately used Belltone Products Hide-Bracer leather cleaner and conditioner to remove the messy potato salad. It gently cleaned the greasy spots and stains on the leather. This product is an extraordinarily cleaner and I will never stop using it. Thank-you

- Rebecca R

Years ago I used this same product and fell in love with it. I borrowed or rather ‘hijacked’ it from my older brother at the time. I tried it first on my leather boots and loved it, then my leather purse, wallet and anything leather I could get my hands on. My boots wore out but the leather never did. This is the best product ever. I’m happy to see it still available after all these years.

- Gigi P

Great product. I have two red leather sofas. Our dog would lick the leather until the color and finish were ruined. I have tried several other product hoping to bring them back to an acceptable appearance, nothing worked. I wasn’t willing to give hope so I tried Hide bracer. I was really amazed at how good the leather looked after one treatment. I can only imagine what it will do for leather that’s still in good condition.

- Dama C

Ekornes Hide Bracer – Cleaner + Protectant in a bottle is for fancy aniline leather recliners that are in need of blocking UV, human skin grease, clothing dyes, and other stains. It keeps the leather from drying out!

- Kevin

I am the office manager of a furniture store located in Burlington, MA called Form in Teak and we have been selling the Ekornes Hide-Bracer Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for many years. Ekornes no longer carries this product so we now purchase direct from Belltone Products. I personally use this product and think it’s FANTASTIC!!! I am so glad it is still available.

- Brigitte

“The product I ordered came in promptly and in perfect condition.”

- Donna M. Lanen

“As listed and factory sealed 100% real. Thanks”

- Gus Fresno

I was surprised at how fast i received it. my kind of company. thanks.”

- Lewis Paleias

“Fast shipping and delivery, ahead of schedule. Product as advertised and same as I had before from a local store.”

- Ronald C

Best leather cleaner/conditioner. Does the job great and has a nice scent. Will recommend to anyone who needs a cleaner/conditioner for their leather products.

- Ines Yu

Excellent product, it made my leather soft and supple! I will never use anything else!!!

- Sam R

I recently bought a new large brown leather chaise sofa from Macy’s. The leather was great, but seemed rather stiff. I applied an entire bottle of this to it. The leather was thirsty! Wow, my leather is now gorgeous, soft, with just a soft glow to it. I am thrilled! I will continue to use this product on it for as long as I own it! I’m so glad I listened to all the excellent reviews when determining what conditioner to purchase!

- Laurel Brooks

Best stuff for leather! I have been using this product for many years and it is great for my leather furniture and even my leather purses. Easy to use and the results last a while.

- Donna S

Great leather cleaner/conditioner! I own the total of 5 Ekornes Stressless recliners and I started purchasing Hide Bracer leather conditioner years ago on the advice of the dealer in San Diego who sold me my recliners. I must say that I’ve been very satisfied with this product. I apply it monthly to my chairs and they look fantastic!

- Jeff. San Diego

This is exactly the same conditioner you get when you buy Stressless Furniture. So it’s the best you can get. We have Stressless Furniture, that’s why we had to get it. It really does do an excellent job

- Bobby L

Very nice product. It keeps my two Ekornes chairs clean and supple and is absorbed completely. It does not leave a film on the surface.

- S. Schultheis

I use Hide-Bracer leather cleaner and conditioner to keep my car seats looking new. They even look and feel better than the day it was purchased from the Porsche dealer in Denver, CO. My seats continue to be very soft and show no signs of cracking. My Porsche seats actually have become more comfortable with time. A friend of mine used a product called Connolly Hyde Food, but after seeing my car leather seats has switched to Hide-Bracer because it works far better. I guess that’s why they offer a 100% money back guarantee!

- Ralph of Littleton

Awesome product, I would definitely buy again from here. It really revitalize the leather and it makes it “newish like”. The smell of leather it brings it back!

- Amazon customer

Hide bracer is an excellent product for all of my leather care needs. I use it for regularly cleaning and conditioning my furniture and leather goods (ex. handbags, jackets, even shoes). It is both lightweight and easy to apply. I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a high quality, affordable leather care product.

- Viens de la Louisiane

Easy to use, soaks in quickly, protects well, not oily. Ekornes suggested this conditioner at the time of our leather chair purchase.

- Bob B

Belltone Products always provides excellent service. This is an exceptional leather care product. This seller is committed to a high quality of service. I have recommended often.

- Moya B

I have the hugest respect for this company! They went above and beyond to give great customer service. I would recommend them highly and certainly do business again. Thanks

- Joanna V

The Leather Conditioner was ordered on May 19th with estimated delivery date May 28 – June 2, 2014. It arrived at my door on May 23rd. This item is exactly as described at a fair, competitive price. It was convenient to buy online; it had favorable customer reviews and obtained with a few computer clicks.

- Craig C

I have used this for 15 years on a Ekornes chair. It still looks brand new. When it became hard to find locally, I tried other products (Bick, Lexol, etc.) and was very disappointed in the results. This product keep your leather looking nice, feeling nice and lasting forever. I use it on everything from car seats to jackets and even my briefcase.

- Jason C

I am a long-time user of Hide-Bracer Leather Cleaner Conditioner. Hide-Bracer has kept my leather sofa and chairs looking beautiful for many, many years. So glad to be able to order Hide-Bracer on-line. Thanks for this fabulous product.

- Sandy

Exceptional quality leather maintenance product for cleaning and conditioning my BMW car. I use it every month.

- Dan L

Love this stuff, easy to use especially on my Stressless Ekornes chair and on the leather seats in the car. Absorbs quickly and has really kept the leather from cracking.

- M Chile

Great product and experience. My Ekornes chairs look fabulous! Thanks!

- Aimless

Love it. Used on my brown leather recliner and it soaked right in and was able to sit on it shortly thereafter. Did not discolor at all. I looked at other brands but they seem to change the color of the leather or leave a sticky residue, and with a Himalayan in my house that would not be good!

- Amy H

This is a great product. It was recommended for use on our Stressless chairs and has kept them looking new.

- Ken and Lee M

The BEST Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. We bought a used Ekornes chair and ottoman recently. This product revitalized the leather so beautifully on the chair and footstool! This is the product that Ekornes recommends and now I know why. It also cleaned and conditioned a leather tote I’d bought secondhand. It takes out water stains and gives leather a rich low gloss finish that’s just beautiful. Easy to apply, then you just lightly buff and the shine comes up.

- Simmons

I just wanted to let you know once more how happy I am with your product. Since I could not get this leather conditioner and cleaner any longer in Canada I have been trying various other products which produced not the same results as your Hide Bracer . It keeps my white leather furniture clean, shiny, smooth and “young” looking despite its age . So, of course, I am very grateful that I found you ( on line). Thank you for such a wonderful product!

- Utpott

We have leather recliners and also other leather items. Hide Bracer cleans and conditions the furniture beautifully. This was recommended by the furniture store where we purchased our last recliners and trusted their suggestion. They recommend this product for their $20,000+ leather furniture so figured it must be an excellent product which it is. This is a product that will protect and maintain our leather furniture for years to come.

- Tenaj

Wonderful stuff! It has made leather that was in awful condition look good again.

- Anna J

We have been loyal and satisfied Hide-Bracer customers for years and love the fact that we have a product that performs as it promises! Recently when we found that our inventory was low, we contacted our Ekornes Stressless dealer who told us that recently they only stocked the Ekornes Care Kit and no longer recommended Hide-Bracer even though our literature stated that if we DID NOT use Hide-Bracer, our warranty would be voided? So we proceeded to contact Ekornes whose technical employees actually told us that they themselves had never even used the new Ekornes Care kit and in fact still used Hide-Bracer!! So to confirm, over the weekend we contacted 2 Ekornes dealers one in Kansas and the second in Florida, (Ohio was closed ) and they said that not only had they been out of the Ekornes Care kit for some time, but they in fact both privately recommended and personally used Hide-Bracer. In fact one nice sales lady told us to tell all of the women of the house that if they used Hide-Bracer on their shoes, purses, and other leathers they would be ecstatic! Look out Saturday Night Fever!!

Bob H

Shipment well packaged in padded priority mail with additional bubble wrap. Glad there was no extra cardboard box!

- Ken and Lee Marks

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