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Odor Eliminator

  • Easy to use
  • Odor eliminator and surface cleaner
  • Encapsulates and destroys odor-causing molecules
  • Works againtst pet accidents, mold infestations, mildew odor, vomit, cigarette smoke, urine smells and more
  • Restores original leather smell


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Refresher by Belltone Products is the most effective odor eliminator and surface cleaner available.

It is a new technology platform for odor control and cleaning.

When used on the odor source it encapsulates and destroys the odor=causing molecules. The bonding process happens very quickly. As Refresher touches the odor surface it is replaced with natural leather scent.

Odor Elimination Proprietary Technology: Most products on the market are just scented perfumes that mask odors. After these scents wear away the bad odors and smells are left behind and continue to pollute the air with their foulness. Water-Based Formula: Belltone Products Odor Refresher is infused with the comforting scent of luxurious leather! The non-toxic water-based formula is safe for use around the home, car, fabrics and carpeting.

DIRECTIONS: Eliminating Odors - Shake well. Lightly mist Refresher over desired surface and leave to dry naturally.
Cleaning Leather - Shake well. Lightly mist Refresher over the leather surface to remove dirt and soil. Use a clean Micro-Fiber cloth or "Terrycloth" to clean and dry the leather surface.

2 reviews for Refresher

  1. Nate B.

    I spilled my drink on the couch during a Vegas Golden Knights game, and I thought my wife was going to divorce me on the spot. We spent hours trying to clean the couch to no avail, and days later, it did not smell pleasant.

    After using the Hide Bracer Refresher product, the glorious smell of the leather is back, and it honestly looks better than it did when we purchased the couch.

    Luckily I can say I’m still happily married… For now.

  2. Chris L

    Leather and pets DO NOT go together! At least that’s what I used to think. I recently bought myself a beautiful leather recliner, but quickly realized that if I wanted it to last I’d be spending more time moving my pup away from it than actually sitting in it! I started googling ways to take care of leather furniture and make it last. Finding this refresher (also the Hide-Bracer cleaner and conditioner) has helped me feel like my dog and my recliner could both be with me for a long long time.

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