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Ink Away Ink & Stain Remover

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Helpful Hints

For Cleaning & Removing Spots and Stains with Ink-Away®

For best results,  be sure you observe these important guidelines.

Ink-Away® removes:

Ball point ink, blood, food grass stains, shoe scuffs, wine, grease, chocolate and perspiration from most top coated leathers.  Always pretest in a hidden area. If color comes off, do not use this product. Do not use on fibrous suede, nubuck or unfinished leathers.

Recommended Application:

Use whenever any ink or other stain is visible on the surface of the leather.

Important Advice:

If possible remove the spot or stain immediately before it has chance to set. Never rub hard. For fresh stains remove excess staining agents with a clean white absorbent cloth. Do not force the staining agent deeper into the surface.

DIRECTIONS: Remove cap and push up stick ¼ inch so that the top of the tube does not damage the leather surface.  Coat the stained area by rubbing the end of stick directly on the surface.  As the stain transfers to stick, wipe off the end of the cleaning stick with a clean cloth or tissue.  While removing stain, never rub surface of leather directly with cloth.

Let Ink-Away® cleaner do the work. Ink-Away® is to be used only as a spot and stain remover.  Use Hide Cleaner on leather for general cleaning. Always use a white clean cloth and/or soft brush when cleaning the stained area.  Never rub hard with a cloth or force stain into leather surface.

For aged and persistent stains: Reapply Ink-Away® with a soft toothbrush. Wet the tip of brush with water and  agitate the stain creating a foam.  Repeat as necessary. Apply Hide Bracer® Conditioner to the area and blot area dry with a white soft absorbent cloth

If stain is still detectable: Reapply Ink-Away® to stain allowing it to penetrate and remain on stained surface area for 12 to 24 hours. Wet the tip of brush with water and agitate the stain creating a foam.  Apply Hide Bracer® Conditioner to the area and blot area dry with a white soft absorbent cloth. Do not rub hard.  Repeat this procedure again for another 24 hours if necessary.

After stain is removed replace the cap to maintain shelf life. Always reapply Hide Bracer® Conditioner after cleaning using a white soft absorbent cloth. This will improve the appearance and increase the longevity of the leather surface.

2 reviews for Ink Away Ink & Stain Remover

  1. Lewis P

    I was surprised at how fast i received it. my kind of company. thanks.”

  2. Jeff A

    Great leather cleaner/conditioner! I own the total of 5 Ekornes Stressless recliners and I started purchasing Hide Bracer leather conditioner years ago on the advice of the dealer in San Diego who sold me my recliners. I must say that I’ve been very satisfied with this product. I apply it monthly to my chairs and they look fantastic!

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