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Hide-Bracer Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

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Hide Bracer Conditioner and Cleaner Features

  • One step process – easy to use
  • Reduces damage from improper care
  • Protects leather with a barrier against dirt and spills
  • It guards and reduces ultraviolet fading
  • Helps prevent leathers from drying and cracking
  • Maintains and increase the natural feel or “hand” of fine leather
  • Repels dirt and grime keeping leather clean and soft
  • Safe for bright and light pastel fashion tones
  • Helps remove scratches from oiled or pull-up waxed leathers


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Now, caring for your leather purchase does not have to be a guessing game. Today`s leathers are softer, more supple and much more colorful. In the past soaps with water were used to maintain and clean leather. In different regions of the county, ground water can contain minerals that can damage the surface of leather. In larger cities, they have put the water through purification but can contain chlorine additives that are not good for the surface of leather. Soap is alkaline and no matter how gentle the soap is, it will dull the finish and damage the delicate pH of leather. Hide-Bracer Leather Cleaner and Conditioner will maintain leather as it guards against premature wear out. Leather has tiny pores that allow it to breathe. These tiny pores absorb human perspiration and as the water evaporates, salts contained therein remain to absorb the essential oils in the leather. This accumulation of salts and other residues should be cleaned from the leather. The loss of oils within the leather is the first step to hardening and cracking. Leather is also subjected to destructive UV rays. Hide Bracer will help reflect these harmful UV rays.


Our foiled sealed airtight cap system guarantees long-lasting product freshness and extended shelf life while eliminating product leakage. The shelf life of Hide Bracer can be years when the cap is tightly closed. Be sure to store sealed or unsealed bottles in a cool dark place. Keeping containers tightly closed will protect Hide-Bracer from product degradation and will retain the performance of our advanced formulation. Never store in an area exposed to high heat or freezing.

The one-step product Proprietary Formulation of Hide Bracer leather conditioner cleaner contains a blend of “surfactants” that are compounds that lower the surface tension (interfacial tension) on leather thus protecting the leather with a barrier against dirt and spills. Hide Bracer penetrates the pores of the leather to lift out dirt and stains. The intense infusion of our formula leaves leather feeling like new, soft and supple. Hide Bracer is a water-based 1-step Leather Cleaner and Conditioner that can be used on most types of leather. Hide Bracer uses “Deionized Water” also known as demineralized water. “Deionized Water” is water that has had its mineral ions removed, such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, and anions such as chloride and sulfate. Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner and Conditioner soaks into the leather pours, hydrating the individual fibers as it adds moisture and flexibility which help prevent leather from cracking. As Hide Bracer is applied, it cleans and conditions while improving the feel and look of leather.

Leather is an investment. Hide Bracer will keep your leather beautiful and new looking for many years.

Recommended application is 6 times a year or in drier climates 7 to 12 times per year.

Important: always pretest in a hidden area before using for color fastness. Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner Conditioner is solvent free and works without removing finish or harming the leather.

If color comes off, it maybe “Crocking” (The rubbing off of surface substances or color onto another material.) A small amount of color transfer is normal, however if a large amount of color comes off DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT, if this should happen your leather is not color fast. To check for color fastness wet a soft white cloth with purified or distilled water and wipe the leather in a hidden area. If color comes off on the cloth from only the water, our cleaner or any other cleaner will also remove color. Hide Bracer may initially darken some leathers. However, the original color will be restored in 24 hours.

DO NOT USE ON FIBROUS (unfinished leathers) suede or nubuck leathers.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Condition one area at a time messaging thoroughly onto the leather area with a soft white clean cloth allowing Hide-Bracer to penetrate evenly. Use the same cloth to remove any excess conditioner and buff area to a soft luster. Do not leave Hide-Bracer on the surface area wet and left to dry.

Application is easy, just apply to the area size of one seat cushion then turn over cloth and buff dry.

2 reviews for Hide-Bracer Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

  1. Greg B

    Finally, a leather cleaner/conditioner that really works. I used Hide Bracer on the seats in my 2005 Porsche Boxster. One quick application and I had soft, supple leather with a dry, smooth hand. No shiny, greasy surface. Looks and feels like brand new leather. I’ve been looking for a product like this for over 25 years. My search is over. Five stars aren’t enough. Hide Bracer is remarkable.

  2. Karen G

    Hide Bracer saved my sofa! I just bought a new Stressless recliner and for that kind of money, I need to take care it’s gorgeous leather (Royalin). I’m not sure why Ekornes stopped using Hide Bracer, but I think they are crazy. I bought a bottle and frankly the new chair didn’t need it yet, but my 4 year old leather sofa did. The leather has been looking dusty and dull in the seating area. I tried several things to make it better but nothing seemed to help. I probably used a half bottle on just the sitting surfaces, but it looks better then new right now. The dusty look has gone away and there is a soft shine in its place that matches the hidden, protected areas of leather. I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m glad I bought this and I’ll be buying more when it runs out.

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