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Established in 1970 Belltone Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of the highest quality leather care products in the US and World Wide markets since 1970. Our company goal is to earn trust of our clients and customers. We offer competitive prices along with superior customer service. We are committed to providing honest and up-front service with all of our customers. We understand that long term customer satisfaction depends on our ability to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous customer service team that is assisted by the best support system.


Hide Bracer and Ink Away


Darryl’s family started a successful retail furniture store in San Francisco back in the 1930s—the family store was in business for over 70 years.  During that time, Darryl co-founded the first leather furniture store in the United States.   Growing into the largest single supplier of fine leather furniture in the nation, Darryl became an expert on leather preservation and repair. While expanding the leather furniture business he worked with the premiere leather tanneries of America and Europe to develop new types of superior leathers that improved the durability and feel of the hide.  Still, Darryl noticed that this wasn’t enough for maintaining fine leather and worked on special ways of cleaning, conditioning, and even repairing leather.


Back then, people had virtually no options for buying leather care products, aside from some shoe and saddle products. Many people relied on such archaic methods as applying, soap, mink oils or tallow based products that would either clean or condition the leather separately. Often these products would change the feel and appearance of the hide. Darryl spent years experimenting on different formulas based on his knowledge of leather production and the various dyes and finishes used on his leather furniture. The final result was the creation of Hide Bracer in 1970-the first all-in-one product that works to clean, enhance, and protect your investment in fine leather.

Soon after, Darryl began supplying his leather furniture customers with bottles of the leather bracer, allowing them to extend into their homes that unique smooth feel and resilience of the leather that they experienced on his showroom floor.  What these early customers realized later was that regular use of Hide Bracer over time actually made the leather even more supple, sleek, and silky than when it was brand new.  Further, it not only conditioned the leather, while cleaning it, but also prevented buildup of harmful oils and dirt that can clog the pores of fine leather.  It wasn’t long until outside leather furniture retailers and even manufacturers began to inquire about the products availability.


Darryl then established a separate company called Belltone Products that sold his leather care solutions at the wholesale level.   In fact, Belltone has manufactured and private labeled its product for many leading retailers and furniture manufactures for the last quarter century.  The Hide Bracer product is often privately labeled for many high-end leather furniture lines and is used in conjunction with their warranty programs.  Hide Bracer has been proven to be the best leather cleaner/conditioner and is the top choice of leather experts in providing the care needed to guarantee and warrant people’s purchase in expensive leather furniture.  Eventually, Darryl left the retail furniture business to focus exclusively on Belltone Products and its wholesale operations.

Online sales of Hide Bracer and other products are finally available directly from Belltone Products in Northern California.  Use the same product that has been bought and trusted for years by many stores and leather manufacturers.  No other leather conditioner on the market comes close to protecting and enhancing your investment in fine leather.  Darryl ensures that his customers receive the best leather conditioner at a reasonable price. ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN THE USA.

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Hide bracer

Hide Bracer

As a leather cleaner, the Hide Bracer formula does not contain any harsh solvents or chemicals that will damage and decompose the leather. As a leather conditioner, it naturally lubricates the hide and allows the fibers to bend and move freely without hardening or cracking from ordinary wear- and-tear. The solution penetrates deep into leather fibers and coats them with natural oils that will prevent oxidation and help maintain an adequate level of moisture in the leather. In addition, Hide Bracer reflects harmful UV rays from the sun that often fade and harden leather at fast rate. Safe and easy to use, Hide Bracer will extend the lifetime of your leather with just a few applications.

Ink Away

In 1971 a customer came into one of Darryl’s retail stores to report that her son had written on the seat cushions of her leather sofa. She wanted to purchase a product that would remove the ink stains. Unfortunately no product was available anywhere in the world to remove ink stains from leather. Darryl immediately started working on a product to remove stains from leather. Approximate one year later Darryl introduced “Ink-Away”® the first and only product ever available to remove stubborn stains including ink from leather surfaces. Ink-Away® is a registered trademark of Belltone Products Inc. Since its introduction to the market place hundreds of thousands of units have been sold worldwide under many different names that were private labeled for customers. Ink-Away® removes ball point ink, blood, food grass stains, shoe scuffs, wine, grease, chocolate and perspiration from most top coated leathers. Do not use on fibrous suede, nubuck or unfinished leathers.

Ink and Stain Remover