Keep your leather furniture looking soft and supple.

Use Hide-Bracer: Repels dirt and grime keeping leather clean and soft on Furniture

FurnitureNow, caring for your leather purchase does not have to be a guessing game.

We have been supplying the home furnishings industry with leather care products for over 40 years.

When you buy leather furniture for your home or office you expect it to be durable. With the proper care and handling your leather furniture can and will meet those expectations. Dust your leather with a soft dry cotton cloth on a regular basis. Dust and oils from human skin can wear down the leather over time. Do not use an abrasive brush or a micro fiber cloth. Also, keep your leather furniture from being exposed to the sun, which can cause discoloration.

Leather is not resistant to animals. Do not allow pets on your leather furniture. Their claws may scratch the leather which can lead to an expensive repair. Their saliva is acidic and may also attack the leather finish. Certain cosmetics and body care products contain solvents and oils. These products are not beneficial to leather, as they may weaken the leather finish over time. Avoid using your leather furniture with wet hair or with freshly applied hair care products or cosmetics. To avoid build-up of these products, please clean regularly the leather as described. In order to avoid stubborn stains protect your leather when using household chemicals e.g., (most) domestic detergents such as window cleaners, bleach and finger nail polish, nail polish remover, glue, shoe polish, paint, corrosive materials. Avoid domestic detergents and ALL products containing solvents and oils, as they may destroy your leather surface. Do not use any traditional household products to remove stubborn stains. Many of these are harsh and cannot be guaranteed safe for use on leather. Do not use a steamer to clean the leather.

Today’s leathers are softer, more supple and much more colorful. In the past soaps with water were used to maintain and clean leather. In different regions of the county, ground water can contain minerals that can damage the surface of leather. In larger cities, they have put the water through purification but can contain chlorine additives that are not good for the surface of leather. Soap is alkaline and no matter how gentle the soap is, it will dull the finish and damage the delicate pH of leather.

Hide-Bracer Leather Cleaner and Conditioner will maintain leather as it guards against premature wear out. Leather has tiny pores that allow it to breathe. These tiny pores absorb human perspiration and as the water evaporates, salts contained therein remain to absorb the essential oils in the leather. This accumulation of salts and other residues should be cleaned from the leather. The loss of oils within the leather is the first step to hardening and cracking. Leather is also subjected to destructive UV rays. Hide Bracer will help reflect these harmful UV rays.

Most other leather care products are based on tallow or neat’s-foot oil. Tallow contains salts that build up with repeated applications and attack the leather fibers. These animal fats provide a culture for the growth of bacteria and fungus, and can turn rancid, resulting in further attack on the leather. The use of too much oil or wax, can clog the pores of leather. When this happens, leather loses its ability to allow air in and moisture out. Even worse, oils and waxes attract airborne dirt or dust participles that actually cut the microscopic fibers that make leather so strong and durable. Products that use animal fats include mink oil, lanolin-based products, neat’s foot oil, etc.

HIDE BRACER IS THE BEST LEATHER CARE CLEANER AND CONDITIONER MADE. Leather is an investment. Hide Bracer will keep your leather sofa, couches, sectional, chair and ottoman beautiful and new looking for many years.

Apply a small amount of Hide Bracer to your leather and buff dry to a beautiful sheen.

A little goes a long way!

Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, 8 oz.


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